YOUNG CHANG SILICONE′s Triple-insulation-wire.php (STW-B) is designed to fulfill the requirement of Class B thermal index. STW-B is the insulated winding wire having reinforced insulation complying with subclause Annex U of IEC 60950 and subclause, Annex U of IEC. STW-B makes a merit of needing no interlayer insulation material such as insulation tape or barrier tape, thereby downsizing transformers a great deal, bringing about high efficiency and cost cutback. Easier to design environmentally friendly transformers which can be easily disassembled and recycled. It is anticipated that Young Chang Silicone′s STW-B will play a role in a widening range of fields.
  UL 1950 / 2352 / 60950
  CSA C22,2 No.1 / 950 C/A Notice 15A
  BSI EN 60065 / EN60950 / IEC 60065 / IEC 60950
  TUV EN 60950 / 60065
  NEMKO EN 60950
  VDE EN 60950 / IEC 60950
Battery charger of electric device
Down-sized switching transformers
1. Annealed Copper
2. PET insulation
3. PET insulation
4. Nylon insulation
Technical Data
Rated Temperature 105 ~ 130℃ (B-Class) / ~150℃(F-Class)
Rated Volt 1,000Vrms(Maximum) 's
Conductor 0.20mm ~ 1.0mm(32~18 AWG)
Solderability 1Solderable without stripping